Diary in EnglishAugust 26th


Today I visited one of my friends house to plan to travel a trip to the Baltic countries. She and I travel abroad every year. We have been to Hong Kong, South Korea, the US and the UK before and this year we decided to go to the Baltic countries! I have wanted to visit there for a long time, so I was really happy when she agreed with my opinion. We reserved hotels and buses. The only thing Ive got left is to book my plane tickets. She is flying from Japan, but at that time I will be in the UK, so I have to book flights from the UK on the Internet. Ill try it as soon as possible.

Then I chatted with one of my language partners via skype. This was the second time we made a conversation and I felt more relaxed than last time. We talked about many things and it was interesting. When I told him that I am worried about the food in the UK because I want to eat Japanese food, he looked for a Chinese supermarket for me to make it easy. I was able to find some Japanese food like noodles, on the website he sent to me and I felt better. He is a pretty kind man.

Before I went to bed, I took an online English lesson. Honestly, I felt sleepy and a little bit tired, but I motivated myself and it lifted my spirits. The lesson was interesting and helpful. Then I watched FRIENDS and practiced to speak the scripts with English subtitles and reviewed some vocabulary.


Thank you for your corrections Jason on italki!















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